Tips to Help Homeowners Stay Safe When Repairing Their Homes

Keeping a home in great condition requires constant work. This means many homeowners schedule regular maintenance programs with companies like Handyman Connection of San Mateo or do their maintenance themselves. If you prefer the latter, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here are some tips to make sure performing repair tasks around your home is satisfying and safe:

Buy a High Quality Stepladder

Investing in a good stepladder will make many quick fixes and jobs much easier. When choosing your

ladder, you need to pay attention to its material and the labels indicating its rated strength. For instance, a Type I industrial grade ladder is the strongest and is rated at 250 pounds. Manufacturers usually test stepladders at four times the rated load. Six feet tall ladders are sufficient for many tasks, but taller ladders are also available. We suggest choosing stepladders with rubber or plastic feet for extra safety.

Invest in Good Tools

It’s very important to buy good quality tools. You need to choose tools that are durable, reliable, and long lasting because they will see a lot of use. Before using any tools, you need to practice first and make sure that each tool is well-maintained. Protect your tool from moisture by keeping a thin coating of oil for its metal parts. You can also bind them in plastic wrap when storing. Lastly, to keep your hands safe while driving nails, slip the fastener between the teeth of a pocket comb.

Practice Proper Ladder Safety

Here are some tips to minimize the risk of accidents whenever you use a step ladder. Always open up the step ladder to the fullest position, and lock the spreader bracers on each side in place. Be sure to face the ladder head-on when climbing up and down and use both hands to hold on to the ladder. Keep the door closed when using your ladder and don’t climb higher than two rungs from the top. Finally, stay balanced by never letting your navel go beyond the ladder’s side rails.

With these tips, quality tools, and common sense, you can tackle home improvement repairs or projects safely and with confidence. If a home maintenance job requires too much time and effort though, then you need to give Handyman Connection of San Mateo a call. We can help you with a wide range of maintenance services including plumbing, remodeling, carpentry, and electrical. Give us a call to learn more tips on staying safe while performing repair tasks. You can also ask for a free estimate.

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